Careturner Turns The Patient Gently From Side To Side

Careturner is a medical device, which can easily be installed on a medical bed, and will work in conjunction with the beds existing movements in two different modes.

Careturner works in conjunction with the beds existing movements

Sides can be angled up to 60-80° in connection with care and relocation tasks.

The programmable control box

“Hug & Cradle” function gives peace and improved rest and sleep for the patient.

Manual mode

Operated by the care staff with the intuitive hand control. With a push on a button it turns the end-user from one side to the other to support the care staff in daily moving and handling procedures e.g. sling application and personal care. In manual mode the wings can elevate up to 60-80⁰ depending of the bed size.

Automatic mode
The programmable control box has a preprogrammed setting and option for two additional programs chosen by the caregiver. Careturner is turning the end-user gently from side to side during the night giving pressure relief and sense stimulation. Careturner operates very silent and without any vibration allowing the patient to sleep undisturbed. In automatic mode the wings can elevate up to 40⁰.

Intented use of Careturner

We give people with reduced mobility a better life and more well-being. We do this by automatic and gentle turns that ensure an undisturbed night’s sleep and increase the comfort of nursing and hospital beds.

Good sleep has a positive effect on mood during the waking hours and increases well-being and mobility, and makes the citizen more self-reliant.


Careturner® is also a helping hand for nursing staff. Careturner® handles the nightly turns and the heavy lifts in connection with care and transfers. At the same time, Careturner® ensures a positive interaction with the citizen and thus improves both the physical and mental work environment.


Careturner® is discreetly placed under the mattress and solely replaces tasks that are often perceived by the citizen as unpleasant or intimidating, and by the care staff as heavy and exhausting. At the same time, resources are saved that can be used for better purposes, including purposes where warm hands make a positive difference.


Careturner® is well-thought-out welfare technology that ensures the high quality and dignity of care that we all want for our elderly, but which is challenged because there will be more tasks for the public sector, more elderly and fewer warm hands.


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