Pressure ulcer prevention

The (preventive) solution

Pressure Ulcer Prevention: Pressure ulcers are an enormous social and individual problem for bedridden patients, families and citizens at home, in hospitals, nursing homes, relief and rehabilitating centers. Pressure ulcers constitute a large burden, both in health economics and illness terms.
No preventative measures that reduce the emergence of pressure ulcers to a high degree exist today, without them being resource and personnel-demanding or highly expensive.

Hospitals today have more beds for patients than they employ doctors and nurses. In the future there will be even lesser personnel to tend to a growing number of patients and the increasing population of elder people. Bearing this in mind, it makes perfect sense to make modifications to the hospital bed, as we know it today so that it becomes a more active and efficient piece of equipment that can contribute to saving time and resources at hospitals and making the everyday more easy and pleasant for the families who tend to their elders at home.

Pressure Ulcer Prevention - Prävention von Dekubitus - Forebyggelse Af Tryksår

Pressure ulcers and pneumonia may develop as a patient becomes immobile and confined to bed, with the former being due to the continuous application of pressure to a person’s body. Therefore, redistributing the pressure to different parts of the body surface should be considered as a preventive measure.

Patients are frequently screened for pressure ulcers in hospitals, their own homes and nursing homes. Based on these screenings, decisions are made regarding correct type of madras, relieving aids, turning mechanisms, and plans are laid for nutrition, further observation and future screenings.
When using Careturner you minimize time spent turning the patients. Also, physical strain when turning the patients can be minimized. Whether it is turning them for the sole purpose of mobility or for hygienic reasons.