Careturner is turning people with care

Pressure relief preventing the development of pressure ulcers

From 2 to 1 caregiver by relocation of patient

Saves time and resources for nursing homes and hospitals

Why Choose Careturner?

Prevents pressure ulcers

Careturner turns the patient gently automatic from side to side throughout the night and provides pressure distribution, which prevents the development of pressure ulcers.

Reduces heavy lifting

Careturner supports care staff with daily mobilization and repositioning of the patient. From 2 to 1 caregiver - releases resources for other purposes.

Improved quality in daily care

The patient experiences fewer disturbances and can sleep undisturbed throughout the night.

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Before receiving Careturner, Arne was woken up 2 times every night. Now he sleeps through the night, and the municipality saves the expensive nightly home care visits.


Arne Nielsen can now sleep again, and Guldborgsund Municipality saves valuable nighttime resources for home care.

What we Offer


- Fewer heavy lifts
- Better working conditions
- Reduced attrition of care staff


- Prevents development of pressure ulcers
- Better comfort and less pain
- Undisturbed sleep and more peace of mind


- Automated turning of patients saves resources
- More efficient mobilization of patients (from 2 to 1 caregiver)
- Reduced health care spending (pay back on investment in 2-3 months)

Prevents pressure ulcers - Verhindert Druckgeschwüre - Automatisk Vendesystem Til Forebyggelse af Tryksår

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For citizens at risk of developing pressure ulcers, or who already have pressure ulcers, continuous pressure relief is a necessity. Careturner is a 3 in 1 solution solving pains for both patients, caregivers and the organization.

Careturner is a patented solution developed and approved by TÜV in 2017 in collaboration with Danish doctors, nurses and experts. The product was first introduced to Danish nursing homes in 2016. 

We certify that the product complies with the essential requirements defined in the Medical Device Directive standards and satisfies the Medical Device Regulation 2017/745 (MDR). Our product is classified in Class 1.

Careturner fits on products for leading nursing bed manufacturers

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Prevents Pressure Ulcers  Prevents Pressure Ulcers - Careturner A/S
Prevents Pressure Ulcers  Prevents Pressure Ulcers - Careturner A/S
Prevents Pressure Ulcers  Prevents Pressure Ulcers - Careturner A/S